About Us



    IMTEK Ltd. Sti has been established in Ankara in 2001 to meet the country’s needs of advanced technology and to supply advanced technological applications using engineering experience and labor of our own people.


    Our company has been supporting technological needs of university research laboratories, national research and development environments and the industry, and has been providing engineering and consulting service to various establishments.


    With the engineering experience and the background at hand, IMTEK Ltd. Sti realizes projects promptly and effectively after rendering the most appropriate design solutions presale for the needs of the customers. A high level of service quality is always tried to be maintained through fine engineering work during the installation and commissioning, and prompt technical service later on.


    Our company, on its own account, aims to contribute our country and break the foreign dependence of R&D works by supplying advanced technology needs. With this object, our production program starting with water cooling systems, which is a must for most of the experimental setups, continues its expansion with development studies on experimental systems as closed cycle He cryogenic systems and magnetometers.

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